What We Believe


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Our Core Beliefs

What We Know

At Prince of Peace, we help people navigate the complexities of community, relationships, family, and faith.

What We Believe as a Community of Faith:

1. We believe that all people are loved unconditionally through Grace

2. We believe that Holy Scripture is inspired by God and is open to interpretation

3. We believe that Jesus Christ died for the forgiveness of Sin for all people for all time

4. We believe that all people are equal and that God can call anyone to ordained ministry, men, women or LGBTQIA+

5. We believe that the church is a community of believers gathered around Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit

6. We believe that the community of faith is the leader in mission and ministry and the pastor is a partner in ministry

7. We believe all people are welcome at the Lord's table regardless of race, gender, socioeconomic class, political views, or sexual orientation 

8. We believe that Jesus is the Son of God and that we have salvation and forgiveness of sins through him 

The Holy Sacraments

The Means of Grace

As Lutherans, we honor and perform two sacraments: Holy Baptism and Holy Communion. Infants, children and adults become a part of the Christian community in Holy Baptism, a ritual of word and washing with water. Christians encounter Christ weekly not only in words, but also by Christ’s promise paired with sharing bread and wine in Holy Communion.*
At Prince of Peace, we believe baptism sets us on our faith journey with God and builds a faith partnership between parents and the church. As parents, you will help your child grow in faith in your home, within your church community, and out in God’s world. Prince of Peace is committed to encouraging and inspiring your child’s new life as a child of God.
To schedule a Baptism, contact Pastor Craig at corsairfud@yahoo.com or 708-710-8508or the church office at 630-969-1268 or popwoodridge@gmail.com.

For Holy Communion, our congregation receives the bread and the wine at each Sunday service. All are welcome at the Lord’s table. Currently, due to Covid, we have DIY wafers and wine available. Children are offered First Communion in third grade.

*From the ELCA “Introduction to the Sacraments”