P.O.P. Chili Cook-off February 9

CALLING ALL CHILI HEADS ! Start looking in your cookbooks, haul out your big crock pots, spoons and aprons and start planning to make your favorite chili.  Hey, if making chili and entering the contest aren’t your thing,that’s o.k. – Just  bring something else to share – We need Tasters! Bring your family, friends and neighbors and join us on this great evening of Christian fellowship, food and fun.  And as usual, we have some really super-duper great prizes for these five categories:

Best Chili, Hottest Chili, Mildest Chili, Most Unusual Chili, Best Presentation

A gen-u-ine CHILI TROPHY will be awarded to the Best Chili! Check the Poster for details and sign up today so we know how many will be coming.

Questions? Contact Judy McClure (630) 964-3611 or juddex59@yahoo.com