Advent Reflection Practice

Advent first took shape in Christian practice as a “little Lent,” during which people prepared for Christ’s coming with repentance.  As in lent, a baptismal connection is appropriate in Advent.  As the first season of a new liturgical year, Advent offers us a sense of new beginnings, heightened by John the Baptist’s imagery of repentance, cleansing, and preparation.

In your devotions this week consider a time each morning of confession and giving thanks for God’s promise of forgiveness.  Make the sign of the cross as a way of remembering your baptism.

Questions such as the following would be good places to start your reflections:

  • Where has love borne fruit in your life?
  • What could be cleared away to make more space for love?
  • When have you had opportunities to repent and change?
  • When have you noticed the kingdom of God coming near?
  • Where have you found steadfastness and encouragement?
  • What gives you hope for the year to come?